"Buddies #5"

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About my "Buddies" Movies - The men in my movies are not your typical "Gay" porn stars. Most are average guys off the streets - married or divorced - Straight or maybe Bi, or have had a hankerin' all their life to try sex with another man. They may appear awkward, uncomfortable, and nervous. Most of these men do not know each other, so they are shy and hesitant to take the lead. The sex between these men is not going to be as open and easy as between gay men, but the sexual tension is sometimes incredibley strong. So enjoy it for what it is - 2 or more average guys enjoying a unique sexual encounter between themselves.

The Men of
"Buddies #5"

Ed and Bobo: 44:32 - I love both of these guys. Nothing wrong with a little sex in the afternoon. Friends and compadres in the construction business, they seem to get along quite nicely. A second, quickie session will follow.

Grey and K.C.: 32:30 - These two met some time ago and seem to be having an on-and-off thing going. K.C. is out of jail and in rehab and is in much better health than when we did the solos of him a year or so ago. Grey is about to start his residency, and loves pounding K.C.'s ass - as is evident. Nice session.

Paul and Bill: 25:20 - Paul was referred to me by Bobo while in jail, and called when he got out. His buddy, Bill, was with him and said he wanted to come with Paul to do the shoot. When it happened, I was surprised that they were more than "Buds". Paul services Bill daily, and Bill said that this was the first time he had ever sucked a dick. I've convinced them to try and go further next time.

Troy and Tim: 59:00 - I love these 2 guys. Good ol' North Georgia country boys, both married with kids, but when they leave home to go to work together, a lot more happens than just work. I've learned over the years that this happens a lot more than most people could ever imagine.

Dan and Dillon: 58:30 - What's in the bag? An unexpected discovery leads to an afternoon of exploration and fun, followed by a second round. Both of these guys are curious and willing.

Country and Miss Thang: 54:00 - Sorry guys - I can't believe my friend Country did this to me. He said he'd met a guy he really liked and wanted to do a movie with. I expected at least something MALE. What a surprise (and disappointment). I told him next time I'd supply the MAN!

Jack and Vito: 33:00 - While waiting to interview for "Southern Cumfort Magazine", these 2 get caught up in the moment. Stable, down-to-earth Jack is a great compliment to impulsive, wild-man Vito. They had a great time!

David and Ed: 54:30 - Interviews sometimes lead to better action than some of the sessions I do. Ed is a long-time friend and old favorite, and David is a recent find. Together they are quite good. Enjoy

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Buddies Combo Special - Buy all 5 Buddies Movies for $175.00 (save $25) Click Here