"Buddies #4"

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About my "Buddies" Movies - The men in my movies are not your typical "Gay" porn stars. Most are average guys off the streets - married or divorced - Straight or maybe Bi, or have had a hankerin' all their life to try sex with another man. They may appear awkward, uncomfortable, and nervous. Most of these men do not know each other, so they are shy and hesitant to take the lead. The sex between these men is not going to be as open and easy as between gay men, but the sexual tension is sometimes incredibley strong. So enjoy it for what it is - 2 or more average guys enjoying a unique sexual encounter between themselves.

The Men of
"Buddies #4"

Mike, Eric, and K.C.: Three of my favorite dudes share some good times. I like all of these guys because they are men. Granted, they are men who have sex with other men, but they are as male as they can be, which is exactly what I find exciting.

Steve and Robert: An old friend and a new friend get together for some fun. Both men are married with families, one a heavy equipment operator, one starting a new career in sales, they seem to enjoy the break from their everyday lives. A little touch of nerves, but a lot of fun.

Ray and Robert: A disappointing session. Macho-man Ray, although professing to wanting to do this for some time, just couldn't get past his "straight" persona. Cold, nervous, and aloof, he was secretly turned on as he came as soon as he got his dick in Robert's ass. Sadly, this could have been so much better.

Red Dawg and Herman: After professing to only being a passive participant in this buddies session, James decided to open up and explore some new avenues. Herman's aggressiveness often pays off in situations like this.

Scott and Keith: Keith says he has lost some weight (?) since his solo session, and now thinks he's God's gift to the world. Arrogant, self-righteous, know-it-all, he didn't mix well with gentle, friendly, Scott. Another Buddies session that could have been better

Steve and Jersey: this is a good example of "Opposites Attract". Good old country boy, Steve, and his Yankee roomy, Jersey, get home from a had day's work and need a little soothing relaxation. What better way than with a warm shower and an afternoon of slow lovemaking with you best buddy. Sounds wonderful to me.

Eric and Herman: As you might guess, these are two of my favorite men - the kind I love - rugged, ragged, with never a hint that they might engage in male-male sex. To me, the sexiest, most erotic moment of this entire 40+ minutes is "The Kiss".

Herman and Jeff: Rugged, ragged Herman met Jeff at the local shelter and gives him the ride of his life. Jeff's constant talk of his love for women quickly fades when Herman shoves that big dick into his mouth and ass. We should have such great bunkmates!

Scott and Scott: Not a great buddies session, so I included it with one that's OK. My friend Scott (tall, slender one) found the new Scott to be somewhat obnoxious, and somewhat of a fruitcake. Things just didn't go well. But here it is.

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Buddies Combo Special - Buy all 5 Buddies Movies for $175.00 (save $25) Click Here