"Buddies #3"

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About my "Buddies" Movies - The men in my movies are not your typical "Gay" porn stars. Most are average guys off the streets - married or divorced - Straight or maybe Bi, or have had a hankerin' all their life to try sex with another man. They may appear awkward, uncomfortable, and nervous. Most of these men do not know each other, so they are shy and hesitant to take the lead. The sex between these men is not going to be as open and easy as between gay men, but the sexual tension is sometimes incredibley strong. So enjoy it for what it is - 2 or more average guys enjoying a unique sexual encounter between themselves.

The Men of
"Buddies #3"

Shane and Troyce: handsome, macho electrican Shane teams up with his sometimes roomy and buddy, construction worker Troyce for some real "Love Thy Neighbor". This shoot is typical of my buddy sessions - both men see themselves and straight and manly, and will go just so far, and "just for the money", of course. But while watching them its obvious that they want more and want to go farther. Lots of sexual tension and some good sex.

Jamie, Blake, and R.T.: The 3 construction buddies finally got up enough nerve (and had enough liquor) to do this session. There's no sex between them, just good ol' boy silliness and rough-housing. This was Blake's last day in Atlanta and they had been celebrating for some time. Three great guys!

Marc and Lonnie: A chance meeting turns into romance and some hot sex. Marc, doing some work at a friend's place, meets Lonnie, who's passing by and needs a moment of rest. One thing leads to another, and work turns into play. Just goes to show, thankfully, that you're never too old for love.

Big Country and Junior: This is a decent Buddy session, but it could have been better. Both guys are hot and are open to just about anything, although both profess to be "straight" and are constantly talking about pussy. I met Junior years ago and I have had some great times with him, but I'm afraid his drug use has destroyed his ability to perform. Make the best of it.

Harvey and Andrew: These two buds from the famous street of Ponce de Leon here in Atlanta have known each other for some time, but say that only had sex with one another just a few days prior to this shoot. Both are great guys - different in many ways, alike in many more. Friendly, outgoing, and just great dudes to be around.

Allen and Alan: Allen, married construction contractor, needs to use his neighbor's (Alan the Plumber, also married) bathroom while his is being renovated. One thing leads to another and the true meaning of "Love Thy Neighbor" comes out. Two great guys have a great time together - we need more neighbors like this!

Sam and Darryn: My old married buddy, Sam, teams up with Darryn for a little afternoon relaxation. Like most of these sessions when both guys are hesitant and shy, the action is stilted. But they are both good guys and something is better than nothing.

Barry and Zack: Zack has been trying to get it on with Barry for ages - says he loves to watch him jack off in the morning when they share a motel together and Barry doesn't know he's awake. He finally gets his wish, although things could have gone better. Sometimes fantasy is better than reality.

Eric and Joey: Both of these guys are sexy, but it seems like nerves played a big part in this being not quite as successful as I had hoped. Married, gruff Eric gets way too excited too quickly, and Joey acted like a shy new bride. But here it is - enjoy.

Adam and Logan: Married, always horny Adam teams up with hunky, hairy Logan for a little fun, and they waste no time getting down to business. I wish all buddies sessions were this easy - I just watched and enjoyed. Hope you will too.

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